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Wallpaper Hanging DIY Guide

A Collaboration with Rebel Walls and Zaabre

We’ve all seen those horror DIY wallpapering moments on Reality TV Reno Shows.  It makes for good TV to watch stressed, overtired couples with a ridiculous deadline descend into tears and name-calling.  But it scares you off EVER trying to do it yourself right?  Well I’m here to tell you, you ABSOLUTELY CAN do it yourself!

Wallpapering is a little like putting together IKEA flatpack – ideally you need 2 people, you need to follow the instructions, and you need to chill out and take your time with it.  It’s that easy!

Here’s a little tutorial we put together after wallpapering 2 walls of our baby girl’s nursery with the most stunning Rebel Walls Wallpaper – ‘Blooming’.

Equipment – 

  • Wallpaper
  • Paste (Rebel Walls Wallpaper comes with its own paste – Bonus!)
  • Scissors and a utility knife with a sharp new blade
  • A spirit level or plumb bob, and a long metal ruler
  • Bucket, whisk, paint tray, cutting-in brush and paint roller
  • Wallpaperer’s smoothing tool, soft dry rags, and soft damp rags.
  • Installation instructions

                                               BEFORE                         The drops come numbered

Cut the rolls into the numbered drops, back-roll the drops to get some of the curl out, and lay them in order from left to right along your chosen wall.  We are doing 2 walls of this room, so our rolls of paper continue around the corner.  Your wallpaper is designed and printed to the dimensions of your wall(s).  When you order your wallpaper online you input your wall measurements, and the roll arrives with numbered drops that make up the design, to perfectly fit your space.  It’s super easy!

Use your whisk and bucket to mix up the paste according the package instructions.

To Begin – Use your brush to paint paste along the left edge of the wall, and the top and bottom of the wall for 1 and a half wallpaper drop widths.  Basically, you are painting in the places that your roller will miss.  In our case, we come across our first obstacle early on: the window.  So we also have to paint along the window frame edge.

Roll paste over the rest.  Always paste 1 and a half widths of a drop, this ensures the edge of your drop sticks nicely, and also when pasting up for the next drop you don’t have to worry about pasting too close to the previous drop.  Try not to get any paste on the front of the wallpaper, but if you do wipe it off with a soft damp cloth.


You have to make sure your first drop is straight.  We made sure our wall was straight with a spirit level and then lined the wallpaper edge up with the corner of the room.  It’s much easier to have two people to line up the drops and stick them down in the right place.  The paper is thick and durable, so even when wetted down with the paste, it’s strong enough to carefully adjust the positioning, or even pull off while still wet and reposition.  Smooth out top to bottom with your wallpaper tool, hands and/or soft dry rags – use whichever you find best, we used a mix of the 3.

Double check the first drop is straight. All you other drops will depend on this one.

Our first obstacle – The Window.  Paste the wall for your drop as normal, and hang your drop straight over the window.

Now, cut out your window shape.  Don’t cut away too much of the wallpaper, leave about 2cm extra paper hanging over the window frame.

Cut the paper at a 45 degree angle at the corners of your window frame.

Use the pointy end of your Wallpapering tool to press the wallpaper in tight around the window frame. 

Take care to line up the pattern when hanging each new drop.

Leave the overhanging paper for the moment, this will be trimmed off at the end.

Our next obstacle is the power points. Take the cover plates off and paste around them with your brush.

As with the window, hang your drop straight over the power point obstacle.

Cut out the shape of the power point.

Pop the cover plates back on your power points for a neat finish.

And it’s finally time to trim!  Use your metal ruler and utility knife to trim the excess paper off the top and bottom of your wall, and around your window.

What an impact! We absolutely love the finished nursery. We love the huge flowers in 'Blooming', and the way the design continues unbroken around the corner and onto the second wall.  We also love that it’s a design that will grow with our little one for years to come.  

We hope this hanging guide helps you feel confident to hang your own wallpaper at your place, it really is an achievable project to do yourself.  Give it a go!

Supplier list - 

Wallpaper - 'Blooming' By Rebel Walls

Rug - 'Pokhara' by Miss Amara

Leather Strap Shelves and Woven Tote - Interior Motives Aus

Origami Mobile -Titttei

Round Velvet Floor Cushions, Rattan Rocking Horse, Charcoal Embroidered Lace Linen Throw, Rose Pink Lace Cushion - Zaabre

Mustard Bunny Head - Little Lops

Wreath Artwork - Bek Halliday

'Casper' Wallhanging - Wool and Willow

Knot Cushion - String Along Design

Macrame Wallhanging - Loopknots

Bonne Mere Quilt - Petite Jolie

Rattan Hook - Little Boho Lane

Classic Books Artwork - Jennifer Magno

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